Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you want to be a School Trustee?

I have been involved with Elk Island Schools for most of my life in different capacities: as a student, parent, volunteer, and employee. I care about the children in our community, and want them to receive the best education and best classroom experience possible. I believe that I have the correct combination of experience, passion and administrative skills to make an excellent trustee.

What does a School Trustee do?

What does a School Trustee do? A trustee acts as a team member with the other members of the school board to:

  • implement Alberta government policies
  • set goals for the jurisdiction and evaluate whether these goals are met
  • evaluate the superintendent
  • adopt the annual budget
  • develop policies to guide the division toward its goals
  • represent their electors and inform the community about their school division
  • advocate for education at all levels of government

Do trustees get paid?

Yes. A Sherwood Park trustee will make $31,357 per annum with a travel allowance of $1,191. Out of this remuneration, trustees pay their own costs for conferences, travel, meals and accommodation. If trustees wish to receive benefits, they can participate at their own expense.

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